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My path has always been one of healing . First, I searched outside of myself : success, money , relationships, and many other things that I am not proud of.

I did not leave many stones unturned, yet never finding the Peace I was searching for. Until one day I realized, ” There must be another way. “

The journey then turned inward, and became one of digging in my own dirt and garbage .

Slow, and sometimes painstaking, junk removal from my spirit led to the realization that all these years I was searching anxiously for scraps and pennies while sitting on a pile of infinite gold .

I love writing and taking photos. I love talking with people about their passions , pain, and joy . I despise small talk .

That’s why I am here, I wish for you to take what you like and leave the rest .

And no matter what ….

No matter what, my wish for you is to….. BE AT PEACE ..

Tomas Pacina

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